Six Car Insurance Secrets for Parents With Teen Drivers

Do you get anxious when your teenager drives a car for the first time? If you do not compare online car insurance quotes and shop around for your teenager’s driver’s insurance, you may experience anxiety again.

Most likely, you are aware that insurance companies increase their premiums if teens are added to an existing policy. Recent research found that teens who drive can increase their insurance rates by up to 62%. You can cut costs. You can make your child safer on the road by following these six tips.

1. Compare car insurance quotes online

It is easy to reduce your car insurance costs. Many car insurance companies will charge a lower rate for teenage drivers. You should shop around for the best rates online. To help you win your business, many companies offer rates that are competitive for teen drivers and groups with high risk. Quote comparison websites can help you quickly complete this task.

2. Include Your Teen in Your Policy

Experts say that you should include your child or grandson in your policy so as to benefit from any discounts. While they may feel more independant, buying separate coverage for each individual will increase the cost.

3. Get Extra Training

Your teen will need to pass a basic driving course before he can get his license. Enrolling in more classes will demonstrate to your insurer that you’re serious about safety. In return, they will probably lower your rate. Those who take this tip more seriously are more likely than others to enroll in defensive driving courses.

4. Notify your provider if circumstances change

Inform your insurer if you’re teenager is going to college, but will not be bringing their car. It is important to inform your insurance provider if you teenager will be driving more than 100 miles from home. In this case, your teen has a much lower chance of affecting your insurance policy. Your rate should drop.

5. Inform your provider that you are an excellent student

Most auto insurance companies offer discounts if your child gets good grades. High school diplomas are associated with maturity and responsibility. If your teen is on the honors list, you may find that your provider will be more willing to insure them. This could be an excellent way to save some money while showing pride in your teenager’s accomplishments.

6. Select the right car

The type of vehicle your teenager drives will determine the increase in premium. Sporty cars with poor safety features will cost more both at the dealership and at the insurance agency. Insurance providers will want you to choose safe, reliable cars that have features like airbags and ABS brakes.

Start early

You can avoid anxiety by following these six tips. As soon as you have a young child, parents should begin looking for quotes on car insurance. Compare car insurance quotes early so that you can make a good choice.


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