Three Tips to Keep Your Luggage Safe When Traveling Internationally

The level of security for international flights has increased significantly in recent years. Since 9-11, all luggage is subjected to strict security checks. Although the primary goal is to prevent security risks on international flights it actually makes traveling safer in general. Travelers are at greater risk for their possessions to be stolen when they leave the airline’s care.

You probably know how frustrating it can be to lose your luggage while traveling abroad. It’s a nightmare to be in a foreign land without any luggage. Here are three great tips for staying safe and keeping your belongings secure while traveling abroad.

1. Keep it On YouWhen traveling abroad, your passport is the most important thing and you should pay special attention to its safety. Never store your travel documents inside suitcases. Keep your travel documents with you at all times so you can still access them if you ever lose your luggage. Leave certified copies of your travel documents at home with a family member just in case. Keep your most important travel documents in a small bag that you carry with you. You can be fine even if you lose your wallet, passport and credit card.

2. Insurance

You’d be surprised at how many people go abroad without any travel insurance. Traveling without travel insurance is a risky game, as airlines are not responsible for damaged or lost luggage. You can save a lot of money by purchasing travel insurance. Travel insurance will cover cameras, laptops and video cameras. Contents insurance won’t apply if traveling.

3. Mark it and Lock It

Even if you only take your luggage on an airplane, it is important to lock and mark the suitcase. There are many flights that have their luggage tampered and this is not unusual. You can prevent this by putting a lock on your luggage. Marking your luggage is also important. Bags are often mixed up, and they can be taken by mistake if someone thinks it’s theirs.

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