Five Chores That Your Mom Still Does for You

Some of you have an inexhaustible list of chores that require a huge thank-you to your mother for being such a great mom. Mothers are a blessing, particularly if you’re a lazy child who was mollycoddled from day one. Your heavy dependence has earned you the title of biggest procrastinator. Although most of the giving comes from her, there are very few takings. Growing up, you are expected to be responsible and take some of the burden off her shoulders. I will list out some chores she needs to do. You can also have someone else do it.


You might think that putting on all-nighters to catch up on your favorite TV show will make you a better sleeper, or at least give you a reason to get up early every morning. However, this should be a consideration. You are her mother and not her maid. It’s time to stop treating her as a maid.


We were yelled at by our moms for wearing the same tee for so many days. Our moms became our personal stylists and shop for our clothes because we would rather lounge in our pyjamas than buy new clothes.


It is not uncommon to see children changing their clothes twice daily and then throwing them in the laundry basket. Because we are so used to the idea that it will be fresh and fragrant naturally, we don’t even notice the increase in workload. There are many online services that offer laundry services at affordable prices for those who don’t want to wash their clothes.


The most difficult eating habits for young children today are those of their mothers. When you see those stainless dishes, be thankful to her.

5. The CHAIR is something we all know!

We are 100% in agreement. We have a chair where we pile up our dirty clothes. The pile keeps growing every day. Then, to our surprise, it emptys and we find a clean day. Everything is folded up in the cupboard. Rushing to her when you don’t find something is like a routine for us all.

It’s not enough. I can also list a number of chores she must stop doing to get out of her comfort zone. Although it may seem difficult to fit chores into your busy schedule, technology has advanced to the point where many applications can help you to eliminate these chores.


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